Home News Some irresponsible men are bold to approach female celebrities – Gloria Sarfo

Some irresponsible men are bold to approach female celebrities – Gloria Sarfo

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I have always heard female celebrities say men fear to approach them and what always cut cross the mind is, does that mean female celebrities aren’t pretty enough to be approached by men? Or because of their classy lifestyle men do not want to come close to them?

Well it seems this fantasy I have in mind isn’t what new screen stage actress and prominent screen diva Gloria Sarfo, who is populary known as Nana Ama in the ever known Tv series “Efiewura”, has a different theory aside my conviction.

Over the weekend, I heard Gloria Sarfo on a phone interview, on one of the largest radio stations in Ghana speaking about, the issues some female celebs have in terms of marriage and the reasons behind their failure.

It is on record that Gloria was proposed to by her ex boyfriend Justice, four years ago at the Kumawood and Akoben Awards held in Kumasi. Justice the “lover-boy” had promised to marry actress Gloria Sarfo and even gave her a promise ring which he took back according to relevant sources.

Gloria during the interview said, men refuse to approach some female celebrities which she thinks is because of their classy lifestyle; and because of this, most men think they can’t afford to live with them.

“The gentle, handsome and responsible men refuse to approach us which I do not know what their reasons are. But I think they’re too shy and with that, they need to step up and make the move”. She exclaimed and laughed.
When asked which caliber of men rather approach them, she mentioned that it was the “irresponsible” men that always came in.

“The bold men that come up to propose to some of us are the irresponsible men. When I say irresponsible I mean the drunkards, the self conceited, and the by-heart looking men who do not think about family but wish to do things wish without thinking”.

Gloria concluded by saying, her colleagues should look carefully before selecting their soulmates to make a happy living.




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