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Ghanian rapper, M.anifest has stated that he spent “the equivalent of less than $200” on production for his ‘Simple Love’ short film.

The godMC also revealed the film was shot in a fish market and that made it tough for them because of the smell that emanated from the environment.

"That one shot was either going to be brilliant or terrible in that environment we did it in. It was a fish market, and that environment is tough. When you enter it, the smell could knock you out, and we had this ambitious project to do this there. And we had a very short time window because before people fully recognized me and got distracted by it,” explained M.anifest.

“We did not play the music while filming and we had it pre-planned but we had a lot of spontaneity about it, and we managed to pull off this one shot thing that had so much meaning but a lot of spontaneity as well.  It was an ambitious project that we needed luck for, and we got lucky. [Laughs] Everything happened in just a couple days. We woke up at 4 a.m., I picked the dancer up myself. We ended up maybe spending the equivalent of less than $200. It was a passion project for everybody involved.”

The song is in support of his song ‘Simple Love,’ a cut off his 2016 album Nowhere Cool.

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