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3music Awards: Kwesi Arthur refunds cash

Organizers of the recently held 3music Awards have revealed that young musician, Kwesi Arthur has refunded monies paid to him earlier for a ‘no show’ at the event. 

Sadiq Abdulai, the boss of 3music Network told Chantelle on Celebrity FanZone on GHOneTV Saturday.

He said “They [Kwesi Arthur and team] had come in but unfortunately they had to leave to go to another event. Within the time that he had to be backstage he clearly knew he had to be there between a certain time to a certain point in time. I mean no hard feelings, we reached out to their team, we made them aware about it and whatever issue that there is has been resolved.”

Saddiq, defended why he used Facebook to reach out to the artist where he threatened to prevent the young artist from performing on any stage until his monies were refunded, 

“Well, there is nothing wrong reaching out to people that I am familiar with to say reach out to this people for them to do ABCD. It has been sorted. Personally I think Kwesi Arthur is a fantastic talent. He is one of the guys I predict will be one of the most relevant acts of his time,” he stated.

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