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Michy slappped and chased me with a knife - Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has revealed that his mistress, Shatta Michy chased him with a knife and this has started a public spat between the two.

 “When a woman chases you with a Knife…DAWG AM….!!!!!! Boys be wise…Am done…The wise will understand!!!!!!!!.”

 The controversial musician also accused his baby mama of inflicting wounds on herself to tarnish his image.

In a Facebook post, he stated “One of my biggest mistake in Life Is believing people will show me the same love I have shown them. You always cut yourself either with blade or burn urself or sometimes break bottles and glasses to still hurt yourself for the outside world to believe it cuz of the way of life I live in the industry. So people will say and I quote:Abi shatta dierrr the way Ibe basabasa he go fit do am ” my God I worship does not sleep for people like you to tarnish his image…He has never made me lost a battle..

“The empire is my witness on how I have kept this in me for so long..Woman kakai eeeeiii abeg come back again with better lies CUZ TODAY YOU SLAPPED ME INFRONT OF YOUR OWN MOTHER HOLDING A KNIFE TOO… What a wow !!!! Clap for yourself..Julio, bone etc are my witnesses ..Good night Ghana ????????!!!”

But Michy in a Facebook post also accused the ‘Taking Over' hit-maker of assault. She wrote" “The world is full of hypocrites. They hurt u and later come seek internet sympathy. The world knows what a good woman looks like. Unfortunately, & ungratefully, you don’t. Thanks for the bump on my head.”

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